The Best Gadgets in the Movies

The Best Gadgets in the Movies


Ok let’s face it you can separate the world it two. People who love technology and well let’s not talk about the others. To my fellow techies, I’ve provided the best combination of Gadgets in the Movie World. I’ve always fancied myself as a James Bond type, I know it’s a little cliche but damn if he had some of these added to his arsenal I doubt anyone would want to be anyone else…

The Hoverboard

If skateboarding is cool then hoverboarding is the better looking, more successful sibling. Even a half man on a pink hoverboard can get laid. The best thing about hoverboards in recent history was the largely successful hoverboard prank by Their youtube video has had over 16 million views and counting. If you want to see whose the most gullible in the office show them this video:

Mission Impossible Glasses

Tom Cruise Spy Sunglasses

Tom Cruise Spy Sunglasses

Although I can loosely link these to our unique Spy Sunglasses. They are here on merit alone because they are damn cool. Famous from the Mission Impossible franchise and propping up in almost every Kids Spy film. Recordable glasses are not the future, they are here and very real. As you many of seen we sell our recordable devices for £26.99 with an 8GB Memory Card Provided. A close second in the wearable device market is a little know company called Google. They released their Google glasses in the UK in January 2015 (yes we didn’t hear about that either) however they will be releasing a second version at the end of 2015 hopefully with the bugs ironed out. The reality is the Glasses at the moment cost £1000 (£26.99 is looking a pretty good ay?). If you would like to read more about Google latest wearable technology please click here.

 Batman Utility Belt

batman utility belt

The Ultimate Belt

A belt so good you it adds the “Super” in Superhero. Everyone forgets Batman man doesn’t have any superpowers! What he did have is billions of dollars and well that kind of is a Superpower I guess. According to Wikipedia “The buckle itself typically contains a miniature camera and a tape recorder. A secondary compartment behind the length of the belt houses Batman’s supply of batarangs.” But most of us will remember the iconic grappling gun and smoke pellets from the earlier batman franchises.

KITT from Knightrider

There was an obvious need to add a vehicle into the mixed and after some tough deliberation we’ve gone with KITT. The other choices were the delorean, any of the batmobiles and the bond Aston Martin ranges. However KITT has got the nod due to its trailblazing look at the time and for it’s AI. Still has there been a better interactive car? I don’t think so…

KITT from Knight RIder

Man’s Best Friend?


 The James Bond Watch

The 007 Watch

A Time Piece to Kill

Not only has James Bond been the most iconic spy of the last 80 years. He’s had the the gadgets to match. The one which has almost been ever present is the James Bond 007 watch. Throughout the years it’s been a communication device, a gps tracker, the wire garrote and of course a laser beam.

Undoubtly the most consistent Bond gadget in the series and arguably the most practical in the bond range. Now spy watches are very real but unless you work for a secret agency you’re not going to get your hands on something like too soon. Although your friends here at we do sell voice and video recording watches image below:

Silver Camera Wrist Watch

Silver Spy Camera Watch

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Thank you for reading.

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