Photo Framera Camera Device

Photo frame Camera


Photo frame camera with provided 8GB memory Card.
Motion detector feature allowing more security within your home/office.
Different colours available – please note a colour during purchase.

SKU: MC35.

Product Description

Photo Frame Camera

This photo frame is a great source of security in the home. With motion detecting it can be set to start recording once the camera within sense movement in front. The card is also provided with a 8GB memory card free, meaning it will provide 2-3 hours recording time.

User manual of HD Photo frame cameras

Thank you for buying the product, that manual will tell you how to use the item. The Photo frame cameras is a kind of high-end MIN DV with functions as digital video, take photos, Motion detecting, movable storage style, and very nice Home Security hidden camera.

i .Tech parameters:

1. Two buttons : A. “ON/OFF” button,

B. “VIDEO” button.

Two indicator lights : red LED and green LED .

2. Tech parameters:

●Video and audio: resolution 640*480/1280*960, 30 fps/s, AVI format

●Photo: resolution 1280*960 video coding, JPEG format

● Movable storage: USB 2.O interface, ex-slot for SD card 1-32GB, can used as a USB disk

● Battery: high capacity polymer lithium ion battery

● Charge voltage: DV-5V

● Support Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista

● Interface: MINI USB interface

ii. Operation instruction

1. ◆ How to start the device?

Press the “ON/OFF” button for 2 seconds till the green LED and red LED are on . then loose the button, the device finishes the starting up and enter into the inspection of SD card.if the inspection of SD card is successful. ,the green LED will off , and the red LED to bright, now it enters into startup ready mode.

2. ◆ How to take the photos?

In startup ready mode: press “ON/OFF” button shortly, the red LED flash once, that states the photo is taken successfully and saved in SD card.

3. ◆ How to take the video?

In startup ready mode: press “VIDEO” button shortly, the red LED flash three times, that states the product is in video state.

4. ◆ How to stop the video?

In video, long press the “VIDEO” button, the product stops taking videos and saves the video files, the red LED is on and enters into ready mode.

5. ◆ How to enter into the mode of Motion detecting?

In startup ready mode: long press “VIDEO” button, then red LED off, the green LED will flash 3 times then off. Now it enters into Motion detecting mode .

6. ◆ How to exit Motion detecting ?

In Motion detecting mode :short press “VIDEO” button. ,this product exit Motion detecting , the red LED to bright, now it enters into startup ready mode.

7. ◆ State indicator : In video , short press “ON/OFF” button , the red LED flash indicator it is take the video . then press “ON/OFF” button , red LED is off , it is still take the video .

In Motion detecting mode :short press “VIDEO” button ,the green LED will flash (when it shines slowly ,means take video; when it shines quickly, means Motion detecting ) to indicator it is Motion detecting ; then short press ON/OFF button, the green LED is off, it is still Motion detecting.

8. ◆ No card : the red LED and the green LED flash 5 times then become off . That states there is no card or the card is unrecognizable. It requires to re-pull/re-insert the SD card, or changes a SD card.

9. ◆ the rest memory of SD card is not enough. If the red LED and green LED flash for 10 times at the same time then turn off .

10. ◆ low battery : In video ,If the red LED and green LED shines quickly alternately .That states low battery. Please charge the product.

11 . ◆ How to charge?

Charge the product by connecting the USB line with the computer. Red LED shines slowly, Green LED off that states “in charging”. Red LED and green LED are on, that states “full charge”.

It cost 2 hours at least to charge the product fully.


1.◥Purpose: Conform with the state relevant laws. Must not be used for any illegal purposes. Violators are solely responsible for their actions.

2.◥Battery: The batter life shortens as time passes. Fully recharged before use if it is idle for a long time.

3.◥File security: This product is not used as storage hardware. No guarantee of the integrity and safety of the files. Back up your important files in the computer or in other storage hardware on time.

4.◥Photograph quality: This product is not designed for professional photographing. No guarantee of the quality you expect.

5. ◥Temperature: 0—40°C。

6. ◥Humidity: 20%—80%. Don’t put the product in humid circumstances. This product is not waterproof.

7. ◥Lighting condition: Use under light circumstances. Don’t point the camera toward the sun or other strong lighting to avoid any damage to the optical component.

8. ◥Cleaning:Don’t use in heavily dusty environment Lens cleaning tissue or cloth for glasses can be used to clean the camera.

9. ◥Complementary remark:Please contact your local dealer for further assistance.

10. ◥Others:This product is categorized as precision electronic product. No intense impact or shake is allowed. Don’t use in magnetic or electric fields


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